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Wood Waste Recycling Our Way Towards a Greener Future

If you’re looking for a wood waste recycling and disposal site near you, visit GBRS Ltd. Located in the Bedfordshire area, we offer simple and efficient wood waste recycling solutions based on the convenience of our clients and the preservation of the planet.
From tree surgeons and landscapers disposing of logs, branches, and large roots to builders removing broken pallets and old furniture, our wood waste disposal centre accepts various wood grades ready for recycling.  
At GBRS Ltd, we recognise wood as an essential renewable material that can be converted into numerous reusable forms, such as animal bedding, mulches, panel boards and biomass fuel.
Using our industry expertise, we quickly discern the wood class before applying our cutting-edge machinery to recycle the wood waste into its appropriate renewable solution.
simply arrive at our recycling facility and we can recycle your wood. To learn more about our wood waste recycling services, pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our team today.
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Ensuring Wood Waste Makes the Grade

Growing-BedsRecycling Services Ltd (GBRS) accepts a range of wood waste types before processing into the following wood grades:
Grade A:

“Clean”recycled wood – A material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture.Suitable for creating animal bedding and mulches but ensure rigorous segregation is applied.

Grade B:

Industrial feedstock grade – Including grade A materials, grade B consists of construction and demolition waste. Suitable for panel boards and should be considered treated waste wood.

Grade C:

Fuel grade – Grade C can include grade A and B materials plus that from municipal collections and civic amenity sites. Suitable for biomass fuel but not for burning in a small appliance.  

Transforming Waste Into Biomass Fuel

Our dynamic wood waste recycling centre in Bedfordshire accommodates various industries and people involved in wood waste. From commercial wood waste to domestic, we have the capabilities to turn your wood waste into “Green” renewable energy.  

Deliver or arrange your wood waste to be collected and sent to our recycling centre in Bedford. We can then process the wood waste into a green renewable energy biomass, which is delivered to a local renewable energy plant.

Eventually, the finished biomass material is of a faction size of 0-120mm and is delivered to a local green energy biomass plant to create 3.2MW of green electricity.

This low-cost solution can provide heating for communities and shows the renewable power wood possesses when it’s placed in the right resourceful environment.

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Who Can We Help?

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Wood Waste Recycling and Disposal for Landscapers in Bedfordshire

From digging up large roots to removing thick branches, we appreciate a landscaper’s job often comes with a van full of wood waste. Dispose of your wood waste with us at no cost.  

Wood Waste Recycling and Disposal for Builders in Bedfordshire

Wood waste is the second largest component of construction demolition. Whether it’s broken pallets, beams or fences, the size of our recycling centre accommodates your needs.  

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Wood Waste Recycling and Disposal for Gardeners in Bedfordshire

Gardeners must handle wood waste daily, from hedge cutting, clearing and tree pruning duties. Rather than burn your waste, utilise our free shredding and composting solutions.

Wood Waste Recycling and Disposal for Tree Surgeons in Bedfordshire

Perhaps the “kings of the wood waste” belong to the tree surgeons. We’ve dedicated ourARB chip bay specifically for tree surgeons to dispose of ARB chippings, free of charge.

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Wood Waste Recycling and Disposal for Homeowners in Bedfordshire

If you’ve taken down a tree or removed unneeded wooden furniture, let us transform your wood waste into a renewable source. Simply get in touch to arrange a delivery or collection.

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