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Quick and easy green waste disposal in Bedfordshire


Green Waste Recycling You Want and the Planet Needs

If you’re looking for green waste recycling in the Bedfordshire area, you’ve come to the right place. At Growing Beds Recycling Services Ltd, we care about our customers, and the impact waste has on the environment.
Whether you own a business that produces green waste by-products or a homeowner looking to dispose of garden waste, we’re here to help.
Using state-of-the-art equipment, we make the green waste recycling process simple and efficient. We can help you safely dispose of all kinds of garden waste, including:
Foliage | Brambles | Organic Garden Waste
We pride ourselves on creating a clean and open area to help you unload quickly. No fuss; just a smarter and greener means of recycling for landscapers, gardeners and builders in Bedfordshire.
To learn more about our green waste recycling services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

You Dispose, We Recycle

Our green waste recycling process is built for speed. At Growing Beds Recycling Services, we understand the importance of time, especially when the nights are longer, and the days are shorter.
On arrival, your green waste recycling is weighed and then tipped into our dedicated reception area, where it is checked for contamination and non-conforming material.
The material is then shredded using a Doppstadt Inventhor 9 shredder and placed into a table/block composting system.
The maturing green waste recycling is turned regularly. We believe in the importance of manufacturing a premium end product. That’s why every time a windrow is turned, one of our highly trained operators thoroughly inspects each batch, removing any signs of litter or contaminants.
Finally, after shredding, turning, evaluating and screening, your garden waste is turned into an organic Pas100 compost. Screening is done through a newly invested stationary trommel system, which is fully electric.

Who Can We Help?

Thanks to our large green waste recycling centre in Bedfordshire, we’re able to cater for many different people, across various industries. We can even help homeowners too.  
Growing Beds Recycling Services

Green Recycling for Landscapers in Bedfordshire

With the latest legislation for green waste disposal to consider, make sure you discard your project waste lawfully and ethically at our recycling centre.  

Green Recycling for Builders in Bedfordshire

Large contract builds can generate a lot of green waste recycling. Our team offer on-site contracting for bigger projects such as industrial plant site and forestry/land clearance.

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Growing Beds Recycling Services

Green Recycling for Gardeners in Bedfordshire

From hedge trimmings and lawn cuttings to soil waste and excess flowers, we provide quick, effortless and affordable green garden waste disposal when you need it most.

Green Recycling for Tree Surgeons in Bedfordshire

We have a dedicated ARB chip bay for tree surgeons. It makes the disposal of chippings, bark, branches, leaves and any other foliage efficient.

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Green Recycling for Homeowners in Bedfordshire

Got a bit of garden recycling? Let us take it off your hands and turn it into a different product. Our green garden waste disposal services are high-quality and affordable.

Quality Controlled Green Waste Recycling You Can Trust

What sets us apart from any other business offering green waste recycling in Bedfordshire is the quality of our service. Our commitment to monitoring the temperature of the maturing windrows plays a key part in our manufacturing process.

• We insert a temperature probe into each batch at four separate locations and take hourly readings

• We transmit data transmitted to our site office for careful analysis

• We moisture test the material to maintain optimum composting conditions

At the end of the composting process, and all criteria for producing quality compost are met, the compost is screened and transferred to either our outside storage ready for agricultural operations or our bagging plant for landscaping applications.

The oversize material is passed through a wind sifter to remove any litter and then over a stone trap and magnet to remove stones and metal. This process allows the remaining material to be re-blended with fresh green waste.

To discover more about our green waste recycling processes, speak to one of our team today.

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