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Discover the shredding capabilities of our Doppstadt Inventhor Type 9


Hire a Quality Shredder Anywhere in the UK  

At Growing Beds Recycling Services (GBRS), we offer affordable slow-speed shredder hire, anywhere in the UK. Our state-of-the-art machinery is capable of operating across a wide variety of materials.
No location in the UK is too far to deliver as we cover all distances in our shredder hire service. So, regardless of where you’re based, you can utilise the power of this machine, creating sustainable and renewable solutions from your environmental waste.  
To discover more about our shredder hire service, get in touch today for a free quote.

Our Slow-Shredder Solution – The Doppstadt Inventhor Type 9

At GBRS Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality across all our products and services. So, for optimal shredding solutions, look no further than our Inventhor Type 9.
The Doppstadt Inventhor Type 9 is a powerhouse in slow-speed shredding capabilities, offering shredding across a wide variety of materials, including:
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Tyres & Railroad ties
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Green waste
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Growing Beds Recycling Services - Domestic WasteIcon
Domestic waste & Commercial waste
Growing Beds Recycling Services - Construction WasteIcon
Mixed construction waste
Growing Beds Recycling Services - Wood WasteIcon
Wood waste (Logs, roots, branches,etc.)
The Inventhor Type 9 includes compatibility with other requirements, such as fine grinders or drum screen machines.
As an operational machine, it's complete with a new drive concept and continuous power transmission based on a patented “Vario Direct Drive” system that removes motor load when the drum is inactivated.
The various grinding specifications accommodate sizes from small to extra-large, with operational capabilities possible in a single button, even after folding out conveyors.
While offering exceptional monitoring during the shredding process, the machine also contains reduced noise emissions with two chassis options available.

From Centre to Site: We Deliver our Slow-Speed Shredders Anywhere in the UK

Despite our recycling facility being based in Bedford, we’re happy to deliver our Doppstadt Inventhor Type 9 to customers anywhere in the UK.
Witness the power of this slow-speed shredding machine and transform your environmental waste into renewable and sustainable solutions. For more information on delivery costs, speak to Tom.
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