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Our Story

The story of Growing Beds Recycling Services (GBRS) stretches back over two decades when Mark Evans and Isobel Wootton Evans founded the company in 2002.
Driven by a passion for sustainability and renewable energy solutions, GBRS soon became a limited company in 2005 and now continues to go from strength to strength. As a privately owned, family-orientated organisation, we’ve built a close-knit team of dedicated staff..
Being a genuine advocate for sustainability involves more than supporting the welfare of the environment. We take our sustainable ethos across all our economic and social responsibilities and impacts.  
In 2022, we were immensely proud to be recognised for our values by being nominated for the 2022 Awards for Excellence as “Organic Recycling Business of the Year”.
With the continual support of our customers, we endeavour to grow and keep providing sustainable solutions to support the future of our planet.
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The Three Fundamentals at the Root of Our Business

Since our business began in 2002, we’ve maintained the same three values at the heart of everything we do and represent.

We apply sustainable principles across all our company processes, serving the environment, economy, and society to produce and maintain organic standards.  


At GBRS, we’re one big family. At the centre and beyond, we foster career progression and personal development within our team, so we grow together.  

Consistent quality

From the nutrient levels in our compost to the reliability of our delivery service, we’re passionate about delivering consistent quality across all departments.

Who Can We Help?

Each member of the GBRS team is valued for their work. Our company would not be in the position it is today without these individuals.  
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Mark Evans


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Mark’s agriculture background was a vital driving force behind the business. As the Director, he’s passionate about everything that happens on and off-site, from attending a client meeting to loading a lorry with a shovel. But perhaps, Mark is the happiest when he’s in his transit van going to an allotment “for a delivery”.

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Tom Bliss

Operations and Sales Manager

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Tom joined us in September of 2021 in the self-made role of Sales Executive. During the week, he finds homes for all our recycled products and creates positive working relationships with our ever-growing customer network. And on the weekend, you’ll usually find him strutting his stuff in the local Bedfordshire football leagues.

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Cliff Blackabey

Yard Manager

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After taking on the role of Yard Manager, Cliff has transformed the place with a renewed structure. Walking around, we’re all very proud of how it looks, with numerous visitors sharing the sentiment. Cliff’s meticulous nature of keeping everything in its right place has awarded the business with a yard to be proud of.  

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Suzanne Buck

Accounts Manager

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Suzanne manages the Accounts Office. Like Alecu, she’s seen the business transform over the years. Suzanne works closely with Mark,Tom, and Michelle to ensure everything runs smoothly and that a penny never falls out of place. Suzanne is a genuine GBRS gem and we’re lucky to have her in the team.

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Michelle Hill

Weighbridge and Logistics Manager

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Michelle is the face of GBRS and the first person you see on arrival. She’s a firm favourite with the drivers and always wears a smile. But remember, what she says goes! Managing the traffic flow and H&S items while keeping a constant line of communication between all departments, she remains our nucleus and “Gatekeeper”.

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Austin Taylor

Haulage Department

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Austin is one of the good guys, and if you have ever been lucky enough to meet him, you’ll share the same thoughts and admiration.He’s always on time and reliable in his deliveries, with a smile to greet every customer. Austin represents everything we stand for at GBRS, and we are lucky to have him.

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Justin McCabe

Yard Operator

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As a master in 360, loading shovel driving, and with a wealth of experience working on weighbridges, Justin has already proven himself as an invaluable member of GBRS. While also spending time off-site heading up crucial contract shredding jobs, Justin offers excellent versatility and keen application to get the job done!    

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Steve Page

Yard Operator, Lorry Driver

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Back by popular demand. Steve returns for his second stint at GBRS Ltd. When it comes to driving loading shovels, 360 machines and Class 1 vehicles, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. We're pleased to have him back, as he's a real asset to the team.

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