Growing Beds – Paving the Way for Waste-to-Energy Innovation

Growing Beds Recycling Services (GBRS) is a privately run and funded waste management company, providing much needed organic waste recycling. We have long been lending a helping hand to local authorities, public sector and private individuals by offering clean and efficient green and wood waste disposal. Over the years Growing Beds (GBRS) has earned the reputation of excellence with regard to environmentally friendly waste disposal. In order to show our commitment to discovering new and resourceful ways of keeping our home clean and Britain’s landfills under control. we now supply as Sole Fuel Supplier biomass wood waste to a local WID Compliant Biomass Green Energy Plant.

Waste-to-Energy – Not just a Future Reality<?h2>

With current scientific advancements, combined with a growing urgency to discover clean, renewable sources of energy, we are now experiencing a surge of new ways to dispose of waste. Just one of the ways Growing Beds Recycling Services (GBRS) is that we now supply as Sole Fuel Supplier, biomass wood waste to a local WID Compliant Biomass Green Energy Plant. This Waste-to-energy technology is proving to be a truly effective and successful alternative energy option.

How does a Waste-to-Energy Plant work?

Waste to energy plants are designed to use a variety of organic wastes as fuel, with clean, renewable energy as the only by-product. This innovative waste to energy plant makes use of biomass fuel to generate steam which in turn mobilizes a powerful turbine generator. The beauty of this generator is that it supplies our society with an ideal waste management program; creating an enormous amount of clean energy from otherwise useless waste.

Ingenious Waste Management Solutions

It is not surprising that waste to energy companies are becoming so important; fulfilling a number of social and environmental needs. Growing Beds Recycling Services (GBRS) is proving to be a leading member of current waste to energy companies. Apart from the appealing aspect of affordable, renewable energy, one of the essential facets of this waste management solution is a considerable decrease of methane production. The power station supplied by Growing Beds takes waste, which would otherwise be sitting in a landfill generating greenhouse gases, and converts it into clean, super useful energy.

Growing Beds – One of the Foremost Waste Management Companies

Growing Beds Recycling Services (GBRS) is dedicated to providing a cutting-edge approach to recycling and alternative energy sources. It is with this in mind that we are dedicated to becoming a leader amongst waste management companies.

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