High Speed Shredders

In March 2016 we purchased a new Doppstadt AK510 Shredder, this is a reliable and economical machine.

Capable of creating a product in one pass, this tracked machine gets into even the most difficult of areas. With easy to change screens for varying product sizes, and a powerful magnet for the majority removal of metal contaminants, this high throughput shredder is a real workhorse of our recycling fleet.

With a large diameter 2.5 ton rotor, spinning at 1000rpm, this shredder is a high output machine that produces an accurate, consistent shred size down to a target of 30mm, if required. It’s primarily used for shredding wood and green waste, but it’s so versatile, it can shred a wide range of waste, especially when it’s used in combination with slow speed equipment, which enables you to process more difficult wastes.

To ensure maximum performance and reliability, high speed shredders are usually supplied with a skilled operator. Easy removal and change of screen sizes.

The machine can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

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