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Growing Beds Recycling Service (GBRS) is a major provider of green waste recycling. In a society where smart waste solutions are of paramount importance, we have risen to the challenge of finding efficient ways of coping with the high recycling demands that are now upon us all. Whether a local authority, a council, a private or public sector company or an individual, we must now all pull together to make a positive impact on the ambitious recycling targets that have been set. We are one of the few waste management companies that is absolutely committed to providing realistic recycling options for green waste, in order to help make an impact on targets. Our recycling centre and services are able to help you make the task of recycling green and wood waste a convenient and hassle free experience.

Meeting the challenge of wood waste

Wood recycling is a walk in the park at GBRS. No matter the amount or size of waste that needs processing, we are able to provide you with an affordable, high quality wood waste processing service. Our wood waste recycling service is inclusive of all types of wood and we accept pallet waste, construction and demolition waste, building waste, MDF and chipboard for example. Once the wood waste arrives at our recycling centre it is sorted and graded into size with any obvious litter or contaminants removed. The material is then subjected to a double shredding process in order to produce good standard chips, which are subsequently passed under powerful magnets to remove any metal objects that may still remain in the material. The result of this wood recycling process is a wealth of useful options for further use including biomass, animal bedding and composting.


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