Multi-Purpose Topsoil

A premium peat-free topsoil produced at our leading Bedfordshire recycling centre

Fully Certified Multi-Purpose Topsoil

Multi-purpose topsoil is the perfect mix for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers. Whether you’re a gardener bringing an outdoor space to life or a landscape gardener working on an outdoor renovation project, our multi-purpose topsoil is the ideal solution.

Our multi-purpose topsoil gives your existing soil much-needed nutrients, helping seeds and plants to flourish.
As the name suggests, our peat-free topsoil is suitable for most gardening projects. The BS3882 Certification means that it has met specific standards proving its fertility, soil structure and classification. It’s also free from contamination, giving you peace of mind with the quality of the product that you are buying.

Our Bedfordshire recycling centre provides multi-purpose topsoil in 750kg dumpy bags, loose transit load or loose bulk tipped load.

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The Benefits of Our Multi-Purpose Topsoil

Our multi-purpose topsoil is specifically selected and graded to maximise retention of nutrients and moisture. These qualities make it ideal for use around the entire garden and outdoor areas, including:

  • Flower beds
  • Borders
  • Lawn preparation
  • General garden/landscaping use

All bags of topsoil have been sieved using state-of-the-art machinery to remove unwanted debris, stones and kill off potential weed seeds. They’re also lime, chalk and peat-free

Should I Use Multi-Purpose Compost or Topsoil?

At GBRS Ltd, we provide multi-purpose topsoil and compost. Both have their qualities in different ways. Deciding between multi-purpose compost or topsoil depends on your person needs.

Multi-purpose topsoil is essentially a top layer of the soil where plants grow. It’s ideal if:

  • You’re integrated raised beds and need to apply new soil
  • You have a shallow garden
  • You’re making a fresh garden bed or replacing a lawn
  • Plants can spread their roots and source nutrients

In contrast, multi-purpose compost is perfect for plants pots or hungry plants/vegetables that need quick access to more nutrients. To maintain moisture and maintain structure more effectively, you can mix multi-purpose topsoil with compost.

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