Premium Horticulture Compost

GBRS Ltd produce, supply and deliver quality horticultural multi-purpose compost

The Complete Horticultural Compost Package

At GBRS Ltd, we produce, supply and deliver quality horticultural compost nationwide.

We take pride in producing exceptional enriching PAS100 10mm compost from the green waste collected or delivered into our facilities. From here, we maintain the resource with a thorough weed inspection and annual maintenance, before delivering it to our clients in Bedford and beyond.

Quality compost production takes rigorous inspection and maintenance. Our process ensures we don’t contaminate our premium compost with weeds, plants, toxins, and waste. As a result, our bags of horticultural compost remain reliable, enriching and highest quality for growth and cultivation.

You can apply our signature 10mm horticultural compost in various locations, such as:

  • Parks and recreational amenities
  • Allotments
  • New build property gardens
  • Soil remediation
  • Landscaping

Every ounce of our horticultural compost produced, supplied, and delivered is quality assured and dynamic to provide various landscapes with the enriching soil required for the best, life-lasting, natural growth.
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Multi-Purpose Compost

GBRS offer a bulk compost delivery service. Our Bedfordshire recycling centre can deliver our premium horticultural compost directly to you on-site, helping you fulfil your projects without inconvenience.

Alternatively, you can contact Tom on 07843562305

The Importance of Compost Over Fertilisers

Our premium horticultural and agricultural compost can supply 18 tonnes of organic matter per hectare in a thorough, enriching application of 65 t/ha. This process is essential in feeding the worms, microorganisms, and other wildlife in the ground necessary to build a strong natural soil structure. In contrast, fertilisers are made from chemicals and can cause water and soil pollution.

With our premium horticultural and agricultural compost, you can create healthy and permeable soil with a maximum water holding capacity and natural aeration. The methodology for our premium horticultural and agricultural compost helps the soil on its way to becoming friable, allowing for easier and more effective applications in cultivation.

Our soil is reduced in bulk density and compaction with improved water infiltration. In turn, this reduces fuel consumption with less need for further cultivation, saving you money and time.

At GBRS, we care about sustainability. We put this into practice with our premium horticultural and agricultural compost – taking the time to ensure our compost is as fully quantified as possible.

This greener process helps maintain carbon in the soil instead of releasing it into the air.

Arable farming is an effective way to sequester carbon. This practice can potentially help offset the carbon footprint, one of the most damaging greenhouse gasses. We take this seriously by trying to sequester as much carbon within our production and supply of quality horticultural and agricultural compost.

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