Compost Deliveries

Growing Beds Recycling Services Ltd (GBRS) is capable of delivering small loose loads of compost for personal use, to large loads in both 8 wheel (12-16 tonne) and also articulated vehicle (25 tonne) for use on commercial applications. We are able to deliver the following:

1) PAS100 0-10mm Compost
2) PAS100 0-30mm Compost

Alternatively we are able to accommodate collections of compost by appointment.

Please contact us to discuss.

Compost is able to supply 18 tonnes of organic matter per hectare in an application of 65 t/ha. This feeds the worms and microorganisms in the soil, which in turn build soil structure and hence improve water holding capacity and aeration. Soil becomes more friable and soil cultivations easier, reducing fuel consumption, the number of cultivation passes and your time. This leads to reduced soil bulk density, less compaction and improved water infiltration.

Although not yet fully quantified the use of compost in arable farming may also be an effective way to sequester carbon, storing it in the soil instead of releasing it to the air. This practice has the potential to help offset the carbon footprint of one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases in the world.

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