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Trommel screens by Growing Beds Recycling Services

Growing Beds Recycling Services – keeping green issues in the red

There has never been a time when both recycling and conservation have been more important. More than ever we are aware of the effects that bad decisions made by previous generations have had on the environment. As a result, it is now our job now to try undo these effects to the best of our ability. This has been the focus and drive behind Growing Beds Recycling Services. The company has a committed approach towards clean, green issues and strives to offer effective waste management and recycling options. Just some of the affordable methods we have on offer throughout the UK and Ireland are the hiring of slow and high speed shredders, trommels, wind sifters as well as haulage and trade waste assistance.

Growing Beds Recycling Services is unique in that we are a privately funded, leading provider of green waste recycling services and solutions that really work. We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and we have good working relations with local authorities, public and private sector companies as well as individuals throughout the country. This all forms an important part of our bid to really make an impact towards helping the UK to meet its ambitious waste recycling targets.

Just one of the services we offer that has proven to be very popular is the hiring out of our trammels. Allow us to briefly describe how a trommel works and how and why the hiring of a trommel could be of benefit to you.

Why hire a trommel?

The trommels that we use on site as well as hire out are two extremely reliable and hard working machines namely a two-way split Komptech Mustang Trommel Screen and a three-way split Komptech Magnum Trommel Screen.

Both these machines are offered as part of our trommel hire service. The trommels comprise of extremely large cylindrical drums that are used for separating a mix of different materials, by size. The machine is particularly useful for example when needing to separate and organise a large amount of waste, as a result of demolition or excavation for example. The waste is deposited into the two-way split Komptech Mustang Trommel Screen or the three-way split Komptech Magnum Trommel Screen, both of which are designed to sort the mixture into required fractions.

In the case of excavation for instance, the rubble and earth is fed into the trommel and this is then separated into valuable top soil and cleaned rock that can be used for other applications such as aggregates and landscaping work.

Hiring a Trommel from Growing Beds Recycling Services couldn't be easier. Both our two- way split, Komptech Mustang Trommel Screens and our three way split Komptech Magnum Trommel Screen are portable and are available for hire with or without an operator. What’s more, the machines can be safely and easily transported to the exact spot where they are to be used, with the resulting waste ideally situated for further use.



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New Loading Shovel purchase from Hanlon Equipment Sales
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd has purchased a new Case 721G XR from Hanlon Equipment Services.
The two companies have worked closely together over many years and it was an easy and obvious choice to purchase the new Loading Shovel from them, said Mark Evans.
The new loading shovel provides excellent cab filtration, weighing options and long reach for loading all sorts of vehicles.
Growing-Beds Purchase New Doppstadt HS800 Screening Equipment (August 2017)
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd wins long-term green waste contract with Local Authority. (April 2017)
Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.

Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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