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Why opt for slow speed shredders as a recycling option?

In today's rapidly growing recycling frenzy, there seems to be a wealth of different available options for waste disposal and recycling. Keeping informed therefore about the most up to date methods of clean waste disposal can be daunting. Allow us to explain to you a number of reasons why slow speed shredders are able to greatly and efficiently improve the way we deal with waste, and how and why they could be of benefit to you.

At Growing Beds Recycling Services, we own two Doppstadt 3060 slow speed shredders. These slow speed shredders currently make up some of the business’s most valuable resources as well as forming an important part of our recycling initiative. These are large, sturdy machines that are renowned for their efficient reliability and quality performance. What makes these slow speed shredders particularly environmentally friendly is that they are specifically designed for very low fuel consumption. This means that even when in use all day, the carbon gases produced are remarkably low. Here at Growing Beds Recycling Services we see this as an important advantage and essential in our determination to contribute towards a cleaner future for us all.

Slow speed shredders have proven to be a favourite with many customers because of their high through put and low running costs.

How do slow and high speed shredders work?

The ways in which both our slow and high speed shredders work is fairly straight forward. Waste is fed into the entry port where it is then safely shredded by powerful super sharp blades. Once the shredding is completed, the waste is collected and can be retrieved. The next step is that of the shredded waste being passed through extremely strong magnets, which are designed to remove any metal objects. Once the shredding and decontaminating of the waste has taken place, it can then be successfully and cleanly recycled. For instance, shredded organic waste is perfect for green waste recycling and for the manufacturing of compost.

Our shredders are all immensely useful as part of the green waste recycling procedure, especially our slow speed shredder. This is because there is virtually nothing that these machines are unable to process. Waste options include: green waste, wood waste, household waste, bulky waste, domestic waste, industrial waste, mixed construction waste and root waste. No matter the size or amount of the waste to be shredded, our slow and high speed shredders are more than able to take care of it efficiently.

Clean, efficient wood waste recycling

For a long time now Growing Beds Recycling Services has specialised in wood waste recycling. We are ideally suited to process all types of wood no matter how big or bulky, including pallet waste, construction and demolition waste, building waste and MDF or chipboard. The wood is initially graded and sorted and any litter removed. It is then subjected to a thorough double shredding system to ensure any metal contaminants are removed. The newly shredded wood waste recycling product is then treated according to its end use. This may be any of the following; panel board manufacture, biomass, animal bedding or composting.

A clear option for contract shredder hire

If you are considering contract hiring a shredder, then you can do no better than opting for one of the shredders that are available from Growing Beds Recycling Services. Our machines are quick, clean and easy to use providing a fantastic choice for not only green waste recycling but for any type of recycling. Both our slow and high speed shredders have the additional option of wheels or tracks to aid their transportation. This means that as machines for contract shredder hire, they are easy to move around ensuring that nowhere is too difficult to reach.


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compost sales


New Loading Shovel purchase from Hanlon Equipment Sales
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd has purchased a new Case 721G XR from Hanlon Equipment Services.
The two companies have worked closely together over many years and it was an easy and obvious choice to purchase the new Loading Shovel from them, said Mark Evans.
The new loading shovel provides excellent cab filtration, weighing options and long reach for loading all sorts of vehicles.
Growing-Beds Purchase New Doppstadt HS800 Screening Equipment (August 2017)
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd wins long-term green waste contract with Local Authority. (April 2017)
Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.

Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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