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Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power


Major provider of bulk materials handling and biomass combustion lands latest contract to help stimulate the alternative fuel industry

Saxlund, the UK subsidiary of Opcon – the energy and environmental technology group – has won a contract to provide Twinwoods Heat & Power (“Twinwoods”) with fuel handling and biomass combustion solutions to breathe new life into its waste wood power station, which is worth £3.2 million.

The deal will allow Twinwoods Heat & Power to finish the development of their alternative fuel burning power station, which has been left partially built since 2011.

The facility based at Twinwoods Business Park, in Bedford, is a waste wood power station using locally sourced fuel that would otherwise be exported or landfilled. Through burning wood cleanly and efficiently, the power station will produce high quality emissions that are less harmful to the environment than exporting the fuel or sending it to landfill.

Saxlund has been working closely with Twinwoods and EIDC (Environmental Infrastructure Development Company) in delivering a robust technical and environmental solution for the project. Saxlund’s 60 years’ experience in delivering biomass and fuel handling solutions provided them with the ideal supplier to bring this business plan into fruition. The bulk materials handling company will provide the necessary solutions for Twinwoods to turn its business into a beacon of best practice for the alternative fuel industry.

The deal means that Saxlund will provide the fuel handling system, with push floor and conveyers, in addition to a biomass combustion boiler with an integrated high pressure steam boiler. The plant will produce 3.4MWe gross with a potential of 7,000MWH of district heating, which will enable the plant to become a locally important contributor to renewable energy and completes the construction of the partially built power station, helping it to rise to the challenge of burning alternative fuel.

Saxlund is hoping the contract will help revitalise the waste wood business and generate more alternative fuel usage in the UK. Matt Drew, Managing Director of Saxlund International, commented: “This is an exciting time for us at Saxlund – the waste wood sector is an important one for us and we are proud to be assisting Twinwoods in helping them turn their power station into a leading example for the alternative fuels industry. In terms of renewable energy and sustainability, waste wood is an obvious route to take and is an area in which the biofuel sector needs to further develop.”

Paul Capell – CEO of EIDC said “Saxlund have been extremely supportive throughout the development of this project and make an ideal partner for what is a collaborative delivery model. We are looking forward to working with Matt and his team over the next 14 months to deliver this project into operation.”

Saxlund is a market leader in the bulk solid handling and storage sector, with more than 60 years’ experience across numerous industry sectors, including recycling, biomass combustion and cement. Saxlund is part of Opcon’s Renewable Energy business and Waste to Value initiative. Within the bioenergy sector, Opcon offers a full range of services from the design of complete combined heat and power (CHP) plants to handling systems and incineration plants under the Saxlund brand.

For more information about Saxlund, please visit www.saxlund.co.uk .

For more information about EIDC, please visit www.eidc.co.uk .


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Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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