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Quality PAS100 compost for sale

Growing Beds Recycling Services is a leading provider of kerbside collected and civic amenity green waste recycling solutions. We are committed to providing clean options for dealing with waste, therefore helping ensure the material does not end up in landfill. As the subject of efficient waste disposal is so important to us, we have also created ways of reusing much of the waste that we process. One of these ways is to take the green waste that we receive on site and use it to manufacture rich, nutritious PAS100 compost, for sale at affordable prices. If you are looking for PAS100 compost for sale that has been manufactured from a sustainable source, then you can do no better than consulting Growing Bed Recycling Services.


Clean and convenient PAS100 compost supplies

When looking to buy PAS100 compost, it is good to know a few details about the origin of the bagged or loose compost that is available from us. Firstly, only the cleanest and most refined green waste is used in the manufacture of our compost supplies.

Our bagged PAS100 compost has proven to be very popular and is available in a few different options. You can buy PAS100 compost from us that has been pre-packed in convenient 1m 3 compost bags or alternatively in small loads of loose PAS100 compost. Supplies of PAS100 compost are available either in large forty litre bags or in bulk quantities of loose product. In addition to supplying private individuals with much needed compost for their gardens, we also specialise in supplying bulk PAS100 compost to the landscaping and agricultural industry.

The best option for soil conditioning

We at Growing Beds Recycling Services are very proud of our 10mm graded soil conditioning garden compost. This product is very finely graded and is ideal for the general improvement of soil that is being used to grow plants, flowers and vegetables. After a treatment of this compost you will be sure to notice a definite difference in the quality of the earth. The difference is as a result of our compost that has been expertly manufactured to inject fresh life and nutrients into tired out soil. This garden compost is perfect for not only helping to break up heavy soils but it can also improve the goodness of sandy soils. It is entirely peat free and is just one of our environmentally-friendly compost supplies. This compost can be ordered in small bags or in bulk quantities.


Beautiful ornamental bark at affordable prices

This ornamental bark is a natural product that is ideally suited for use on pathways, flower beds, borders and for use as mulch. When you buy compost from us why not give our ornamental bark a try too? The benefits are numerous. It acts as an excellent weed suppressant and is a more attractive looking than other products used for improving garden areas. As an additional advantage, just one application of this affordably priced bark can last up to two or three years.

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compost sales


New Loading Shovel purchase from Hanlon Equipment Sales
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd has purchased a new Case 721G XR from Hanlon Equipment Services.
The two companies have worked closely together over many years and it was an easy and obvious choice to purchase the new Loading Shovel from them, said Mark Evans.
The new loading shovel provides excellent cab filtration, weighing options and long reach for loading all sorts of vehicles.
Growing-Beds Purchase New Doppstadt HS800 Screening Equipment (August 2017)
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd wins long-term green waste contract with Local Authority. (April 2017)
Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.

Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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