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Clean, Efficient Green Waste Contracting



Helping local authorities, private and public sector organisations and individuals dispose of green and wood waste in the most affordable and environmentally friendly way.



A diverse range of affordable, specialist contracting services throughout the UK and Ireland.



Twinwoods Heat and Power Ltd (THPL), a joint venture agreement between Growing Beds and Bioflame to build a 2.5MW renewable energy power station .

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Growing Beds Recycling Services offers a wide spectrum of services, all with the purpose of effectively reducing the harmful effects of greenhouse gases. One of the proactive steps that can be taken is by diligently doing our best to help decrease the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. Growing Beds provides a simple solution to large scale waste management; green waste contracting.

Recycling Equipment Hire

We have invested in specialised equipment and technology allowing us to offer you effective, affordable waste disposal options. We can help you facilitate a number of positive recycling initiatives including; recycling equipment hire, heavy duty recycling, on and off site recycling, shredder hire, green waste contracting and land and forestry clearance to name just a few. Growing Beds’ extensive record of industry experience means that we are in the ideal position to deal with bulk green waste.

Green and Wood Waste Contracting Made Easy

Growing Beds Recycling Services provides effective wood and green waste contracting. Green waste processing is simple yet comprehensive, once the green waste arrives at our compound it is sorted and decontaminated. The material is then finely shredded using our top of the range Doppstadt 3060 shredder (also available for shredder hire). It is then prepped for composting prior to being transferred to our open windrow site.

Wood waste contracting is just as straight forward. We are equipped to process all different types and grades of wood. We are able to recycle material including pallet waste, building waste, construction and demolition waste, MDF and chipboard. Growing Beds Recycling Services makes wood waste contracting easy and providse a positive, innovative way for you to cleanly dispose of it.

Doppstadt Hire

We have two wonderful Doppstadt DW3060 slow speed shredders that are reliable and capable of heavy duty recycling. They are ideal for shredder hire as we are able to offer our clients the options of wheeled or tracked machine. This vastly enhances the efficiency of the machines, enabling them to be conveniently manoeuvred on and off road. Doppstadt hire is the fastest, easiest way of disposing of all manner of materials; they can easily process green waste, industrial waste, wood waste, construction waste, root waste, bulky and domestic waste. Another benefit behind our Doppstadt hire is that the slow speed shredders are both fitted with highly powerful magnets. They can proficiently remove any metal contaminants thus further ensuring the resulting shredded waste is clear of defects and ready for composting.

Growing Beds is proud to provide the very best in recycling equipment hire. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

We also have a Doppstadt AK430 High Speed Shredder for hire. Capable of running in conjunction with the Doppstadt Slow Speed Shredders or being loaded individually to create product from both wood waste and green waste.

Trommel Screen & Windsifter Hire

We are also able to offer Trommel Screen hire for a wide range of screening solutions from green waste, wood waste, compost and soil. This machine can be used as a standalone machine or with the Hurrikan Windsifter. This machine can remove plastic contaminants from various materials as well as stones and metal, this leaves a product with minimal contamination for further processing.


Growing-Beds Recycling Services can provide roll on / off bins of various sizes for all your waste requirements in the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire areas.

These can be collected and exchanged on either contracts or one off jobs.

Our Roll on / off lorry is also capable of moving all our own equipment for contracting work.


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compost sales


New Loading Shovel purchase from Hanlon Equipment Sales
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd has purchased a new Case 721G XR from Hanlon Equipment Services.
The two companies have worked closely together over many years and it was an easy and obvious choice to purchase the new Loading Shovel from them, said Mark Evans.
The new loading shovel provides excellent cab filtration, weighing options and long reach for loading all sorts of vehicles.
Growing-Beds Purchase New Doppstadt HS800 Screening Equipment (August 2017)
Growing-Beds Recycling Services Ltd wins long-term green waste contract with Local Authority. (April 2017)
Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.

Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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Domestic green waste collections

Have you ever needed to clear the garden or simply have a general tidy up but wondered what to do with all those trees, shrubs, plants and grass for example?

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