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Slow speed shredders

Growing Beds Recycling Services employs 2No Doppstadt 3060 slow speed shredders, both of which were purchased from new in November 2009.

In order to maximise the full potential of slow speed shredding technology, we are able to offer customers the choice of either a wheeled or tracked machine, for access to either hard standing, or off-road sites.

Designed to produce exceptional results, our Doppstadt 3060 slow speed shredders are suitable for use with the following:

● Green waste
● Wood waste
● Garbage
● Bulky waste
● Domestic waste
● Industrial waste
● Mixed construction waste
● Root waste

Both shredders are fitted with magnets for the removal of metal contaminants. And with high throughput and low running costs, these machines are proving to be a real favourite with our clients.

compost sales compost sales compost sales compost sales
compost sales


Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.
We are currently recruiting for an experienced Loading Shovel Driver / Recycling Yard Operative.
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Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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RoRo Vehicles

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Domestic green waste collections

Have you ever needed to clear the garden or simply have a general tidy up but wondered what to do with all those trees, shrubs, plants and grass for example?

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