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Green waste processing

Green waste processingOn arrival, green waste is weighed and then tipped into our dedicated reception area where it is checked for contamination and non-conforming material.

The material is subsequently shredded using a Doppstadt 3060 slow speed shredder, and then placed into a table/block composting system where it passes under a magnet to remove larger particles of metal contamination, prior to being composted.

The maturing green waste is turned regularly using the latest in windrow turning technology. As manufacturing a premium end-product is of paramount importance at Growing Beds, every time a windrow is turned, one of our highly trained operators assiduously inspects each batch, removing any signs of litter or contaminants.

Quality control
Monitoring the temperature of the maturing windrows plays key part in our manufacturing process. By inserting a temperature probe into each batch at four separate locations, hourly readings are taken, and the data transmitted to our site office for careful analysis. The material is also moisture tested to maintain optimum composting conditions.

At the end of the composting process, and when all criteria for producing quality compost are met, the compost is screened and transferred to either our outside storage ready for agricultural operations or to our bagging plant for landscaping applications. The oversize material is passed through a windsifter for removing any litter, and then over a stone trap and magnet for removal of stones and metal. This allows the remaining material to be re-blended with fresh green waste.

Our onsite bagging plant ensures that supplies of different grade material are always readily available for trade and public customers alike. In particular, we specialise in 10mm and 25mm compost for varying agricultural, landscaping, domestic gardens and land remediation applications.

compost sales compost sales compost sales compost sales
compost sales


Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.
We are currently recruiting for an experienced Loading Shovel Driver / Recycling Yard Operative.
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Domestic green waste collections

Have you ever needed to clear the garden or simply have a general tidy up but wondered what to do with all those trees, shrubs, plants and grass for example?

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