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Bagged compost / compost sales

In addition to supplying bulk compost and bark materials to the landscaping and agricultural industry, at Growing Beds we offer a popular range of compost and bark products for delivery in the following ways:

● Convenient 1m bags
● Small bulk loads
● Large bulk loads
● 40 litre bags

Our products

10mm graded Compost Soil Conditioner
This product is a finely graded soil improver, made from naturally composted, organic matter. It is a peat free and environmentally friendly product.


● Revitalises and restores the many natural properties within a soil that have been lost
● Opens up heavy ground making it more workable and improving drainage
● Retains moisture in lighter sandy soils, which in turn helps retain key nutrients for better growing conditions
● Adds humus back into the soil


20mm 40mm Ornamental Bark
This product is a natural decorative bark, suitable for pathways, borders and mulch.


● Good weed suppressant
● Can tidy and manage difficult to maintain areas
● One application can last for between two and three years


Seasoned logs
Netted bags of seasoned logs and kindling sticks now for sale. Supplies available from the small, roadside shop adjacent to our Ravensden composting site.

Delivery and collection
All materials may be collected from our facility near Bedford. Alternatively we can organise delivery using either our Ford Transit Tipper for smaller bulk loads including bags etc or when access is not a problem and large tonnages are required, one of our larger vehicles.

compost sales compost sales compost sales compost sales
compost sales


Bagged compost is only available from the site to the public at weekends during weekend opening hours.
Bagged compost required during the week needs to be booked in for collection.
We are currently recruiting for an experienced Loading Shovel Driver / Recycling Yard Operative.
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Saxlund announces £3.2 million contract with waste wood power station at Twinwoods Heat & Power.

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RoRo Vehicles

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Domestic green waste collections

Have you ever needed to clear the garden or simply have a general tidy up but wondered what to do with all those trees, shrubs, plants and grass for example?

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